Shop premium women and mens wedding bands in pure gold or platinum! Raven Gold has the best swag on the internet. Shop the most comfortable rings and get a free gold backed Corvus Aurum utility NFT. T&Cs apply. Have a store? Register as a retailer and enjoy special wholesale pricing and perks. Click the person icon on the header to sign up.
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“The World’s Most Comfortable Ring”. The one to wear for comfort and style.
The “Raven” Rings, edgy, crafty, resourceful, smart and pure moxie.
SWAG in style. NFT backed by Pure Gold Bar and much more....


The GLACIER series of rings boasts an ergonomic contour design for optimum comfort and showcases a delicate brushed finish bordered by shining machined edges, creating a weathered glacier-like texture.


The STORM series of rings are ergonomically contour crafted for maximum comfort and feature a subtle brushed soft hand-hammered finish framed by bright machined edges. The texture resembles the random effect of a hail storm on a metal surface.


Crafted with ergonomic contours for maximum comfort, the ICE series of rings boast a timeless bright polished mirror finish that has been a favorite for thousands of years.


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Can’t Decide Which One? How About The People’s Choice?

Looking for something unique? We can help bring your idea to life. Simply email us a concept, image, or sketch, and we'll provide you with prompt feedback and a quote for your wedding bands

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Why Our Customers Love Us

Quality and Longevity

We offer different options to cater to different preferences. Our Prime Cut rings are perfect for those who prefer a heavier, meatier, and built-to-last-forever ring, while our Lean Cut rings are an affordable, well-made, and slightly lighter version that still maintains the same level of quality that our customers expect from all our products.

Timeless Fashion-Neutral Wedding Bands

Raven Gold wedding bands are the epitome of timeless fashion-neutral jewelry. Our designs are both classic and edgy, making them unique and versatile. Every ring we create is a timestamp of one of the happiest days of your life.

The World's Most Comfortable Ring

Experience the Raven Gold difference with our ergonomically designed, gentle contoured ring that provides unparalleled comfort. Our time-tested design ensures that our ring is the world's most comfortable ring, so you can wear it all day, every day.

Dedication To Creating Value

The Raven Gold jewelry and NFT program is our dedication to creating value for our customers. The Corvus Aurum Real World Asset NFT is our free gift to you, offering value and opportunity in the burgeoning digital crypto currency realm.

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The Corvus Aurum NFT from Raven Gold is our way of expressing our gratitude for choosing us. This free NFT

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NFTs are a popular and exciting trend in the world of cryptocurrency, offering unique and valuable digital assets that are

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