At Raven Gold we give back to our customers. We offer SWAG that is of immense value to every registered customer that makes a purchase on our site. Details are stated below.

Corvus Aurum NFT

The Corvus Aurum Utility NFTs are a bridge that merges the digital economy with a conventional standard of wealth which is gold. In addition to the thousands of dollars in potential benefits, these NFTs offer a free pure gold bar. They are free with every item purchased on our website or can be purchased separately from CorvusAurum.com.

Gold-backed Utility NFTs derive their value from the artistic images, value of the base network they are minted on and the piece of gold that accompanies each one. The NFTs can be redeemed and sold as a digital asset on a market place like Opensea, the accompanying gold bar can be claimed and kept or sold for a profit as well, either together with the NFT or separately. 

Read more about our NFT here. Click here for instructions to claim your NFT.

Gold Bar

Each NFT has an accompanying gold bar which can be redeemed on our website or from any of our participating retailers by the person who made the original purchase.

Check instructions to claim NFT for details about our NFT and gold bar offer.

Silicone rings

Raven Gold gives two silicone rings for each purchase on our website or from our registered retailers.

Our Silicone rings are comfortable alternatives you can wear when you are involved in activities that could scratch your precious metal ring or work related conditions that make wearing a metal ring temporarily unsuitable.

Silicone rings are lightweight, flexible, comfortable but are only meant to be a temporary substitute to your precious metal ring.