Instructions to claim NFT

NFTs are a popular and exciting trend in the world of cryptocurrency, offering unique and valuable digital assets that are hosted on a blockchain and owned solely by their owners. At Corvus Aurum, we offer free gold-backed Raven NFTs to customers who purchase Raven Gold jewelry on our e-commerce website. To claim your NFT, you must first have a polygon wallet address, and then follow these simple steps. First, visit our NFT claiming store using a mobile device with internet access. You’ll need to use a coupon code, which you’ll receive via email, to access the store and get a 100% discount on all NFTs available. Second, choose the NFT you like from the options available. Finally, claim and own your NFT by checking out and inputting your polygon wallet address when prompted. Please note that the coupon code can only be used once, and that you must claim your gold bar within 90 days of purchase to receive it at the specified address.

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About Raven NFT

The Corvus Aurum NFT from Raven Gold is our way of expressing our gratitude for choosing us. This free NFT is a gateway to exclusive

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