• Glacier

    Glacier (30)

    The Glacier Series rings resemble the weather worn texture of a glacier with a lightly brushed finish and rounded bright contoured edges.
  • Bold

    Bold (31)

    Bold rings are wider (8.5mm) than most online, are made to impress and the preferred choice of wearers that want to make a statement.
  • Classic

    Classic (31)

    Classic rings are the common industry standard width (6.5mm) and will wear well on hands of all sizes.
  • Gold

    Gold (81)

    Gold is one of three karat offerings - 18kt as the premium, 14kt as the standard and 10kt as the most affordable option.
  • Ice

    Ice (25)

    The Ice Series rings are clean, clear, pristine and reflective as if chiseled from a pure block of ice. They are crafted with comfort and tradition as their focal sentiment.
  • Lean

    Lean (90)

    Lean Series Rings are above most standard thicknesses found online, but lighter approximately (1.9mm) thick than Prime and thus lower cost.
  • Platinum

    Platinum (9)

    Platinum is the pinnacle of precious white metals. Dense, luxurious,  and the preferred choice of royalty.
  • Prime

    Prime (89)

    Prime Series Rings are made heavier than most other brands, approximately (2.5mm) thick and built to last forever.
  • Slim

    Slim (29)

    Slim rings are made in a narrower width (4.5mm) for wearers that prefer a subtle less obvious look.
  • Storm

    Storm (35)

    The Storm Series rings have a lightly brushed randomly distressed texture that resembles a metal surface after a hail storm. These rings are esthetically completed with rounded bright edges that enhance styling and comfort.